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You've waited long enough.
You have dreams and ideas. You have the talent, the desire. It's your future.
So come in, let's get started.
Information, support, aid in business creation and development,
getting you to the right people and the right places at the right time —
that's what we do. Success is what you do.

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Startup-NY benefits
NYS Hotspot benefits


Business plan development
Access to business research


Access to professional services (legal, accounting), financing, and markets

Media Lab

New media lab for audio/video production and post-production


Relations with Onondaga Community College, the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Tech Garden, the NYU Veterans Incubator, Nelson Farms, the Cornell Food Research Center, many others.

Personnel and Facility

InSourcing is a not for profit business incubator created by its doector, the award-winning entrepreneur Bob Herz. Services are provided by the Small Business Development Center, The Tech Garden, and an array of mentors and consultants, lawyers and accountants. We also have relationships with Onondaga Community College, the NYU veterans incubator, and the entrepreneurship program at Oklahoma State University. Thanks to these relationships, we can offer eligible businesses significant State and local tax benefits—if you qualify, you pay NO state taxes for ten years! If we can't qualify you for that one, we can qualify you for another that provides very good tax benefits for five years!

InSourcing has one purpose: to help turn your dreams into reality. Create your company, write your business plan, develop your product, get financing, create your team, and access your market. Come and rent office or co-working space, or become a community member. Meet with our mentors and consultants, and when they are completed, check out our New Media Lab. See if you qualify for our extensive array of powerful tax benefits. Join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

We can't make you a success, but we can help you avoid the obvious sources of failure that occur because you don't have enough knowlkedge and information at hand. Come and be part of an incredible community of people like you — entrepreneurs following their dream and in the process, making our community grow.

Bob Herz is president of Insourcing. He is an award-winning program developer whose previous incubator in 2012 won one of the most prestigious incubator awards in the world, the Dinah Adkins Incubator of the Year, General and Special Focus, from the National Business Incubator Association (NBIA). Mr. Herz has had a long career in public service, where he developed laws on incubation, the film tax credit, and many other tax benefits and credits, and many programs, including the NYS Elder Law, and the Arts & Cultural Affairs Law. He has been a business consultant, helping develop biotechnology in China and other places, and new economic development programs in New York City. He is a graduate of the Iowa Writers Workshop, a published poet, and publisher and editor, with his colleague Steve Kuusisto, of the Nine Mile Magazine and Book Series.

Our Location at 1153 West Fayette is in an industrial legacy area. The building was constructed in 1921 to service the Franklin Motor Car Company, and was part of the original Syracuse industrial explosion from the Lipe Machine Shop that at one time was located just around the corner on Geddes Street. The men who developed companies there, said the old Syracuse newspapers, "sowed the germs that sprouted into major business enterprises in Syracuse and elsewhere." For many years the machine shop was known as the "cradle of Syracuse industries.” InSourcing will carry on that tradition of creating companies, products, and jobs.

New Media Lab

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New Media Lab

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